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The author Adelina Gotera is formerly a member of the faculty of the College of Business Administration, University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines. She is a licensed Early Childhood Educator and a Special Needs Educator in British Columbia, Canada. Presently, she is the an early childhood educator and operator of Adel's Play and Discovery Childcare Centre located at Sidney, British Columbia, Canada.

Adelina was inspired to write children's books after the death of her mother in 2009. After working with kids for more than a decade, Adelina felt there was a missing niche for children's stories dealing with death. After watching her daughter deal with the death of her grandmother, Adelina created her first children's book, "Grandma Lives in Us".

In this story, a young child finds peace after the death of her grandmother. She learns how her Grandma lives on through her family, from gentle gestures to her scent. Although she doesn't expect this story to be personalized, she does feel that it fills a void that is missing in the world of children's books.

In 2008, Adelina visited her country of origin. During this time, she cried silently, as she watched so many young children running around playing on sidewalks of secondary streets in poor communities. There are no parks nearby, no toys, and no creative play spaces. What was most inspiring for her, however, was with all of the dangers and the dirty environment, the children were playing happily.

Her goal is to provide most of her profits, to providing creative play spaces and toys for children. Having worked with children for more than 13 years, she wrote stories and considered them as an expression of love and care for all children.

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