Colourful flower petals infused with Rose Geranium Bath Bombs

We infused Rose Geranium pure Essential Oil and pretty flower petals in proportionate mixture of food grade, non GMO baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch and magnesium enriched Epsom salt and pink Himalayan salt

Handcrafted with love, individually wrapped, rejuvenating Bath Bombs that calms and refreshes the psyche and body!

As you soak, your skin pores open to absorb the hydrating fluid while you inhale the fragrant steam and become 'permeated" with the rejuvenating scent of rose (from our garden) and other flower petals and rose geranium oil.  

Rose oil is  used in perfumery.  They are cooling and soothing to sensitive skin. In addition, rose oil supports a healthy liver, stomach and blood.  It increases semen in men, and is cleansing and regulating for the female sexual organs.  Rose acts as a laxative tonic for psychological impotence.  It treats depression and melamcholy, and calms domestic strife.  The fragrance of the rose has the power to unite physical and spiritual love, the source of beauty, joy and happiness.

Ref.:  The Aromatherapy Companion, Victoria H. Edwards, l999.

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