All natural and healing Sage bath bomb

Aromatic and healing Sage herbal plant
 Individually wrapped in a dainty organza pouch.

Sage, the healing herbs, now infused in a simple, fizzling natural Bath Bomb that heals the body and lifts the emotion!

*Sage has been used as a natural medicine for thousands of years. When consumed even in small amounts, sage is a powerful brain booster. It prevents degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia, improves memory and concentration, and reduces inflammation.

According to a medical doctor and natural medicine advocate, Dr. Sruti Lam, “Every time I look at sage, the thing that comes to my mind is women’s health. 

Sage is an excellent reproductive tonic. It is also used
for insomnia when you come to a menopausal age. It decreases night sweats, and hot flashes. So, it also decreases mood and anxiety, and so helps people sleep, especially by balancing out your estrogen progesterone.
That is one of the main uses of sage.

Sage, like rosemary, is also antibacterial, and it has an affinity for our throat and our bronchial tract. Just inhaling the aroma of sage while you soak your hurting hands and feet in a basin of water or a rejuvenating bath with fizzling Sage Natural Bath Bomb actually helps with clearing out your sinuses and your respiratory tract.

This incredible herb fights free radicals, prevent or improve diabetes, boost your immune system, improve the health of your skin and strengthen your bones.
*Reference:   HEALTH SECRET | Top 20 Herbal Remedies to Beat Chronic Illness Naturally

You deserve a healthy, fresh, all natural healing Sage Soak or Bath!  Try our simple, fresh and all natural bath bomb.  Please allow at least two days for handcrafting and drying. 

Adel's Homemade Healing Herbs Bath Bombs is located in Sidney, BC.  Inquiries are welcome.

Our Price:

 *Heart shaped bath bomb, about 5.5 to 5.9 oz.$7.oo  each.       Buy five or more at $6.00 each. 

  *Ball-shaped bath bomb, about 4.5 oz. at $6.00 each. 
    Buy five or more at $5.00 each.

OUR DEAL:  Twelve (12) pieces, mixed heart, and ball-shaped bath bombs at $50.00!

Your satisfaction 100% guaranteed!  
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