Simply Natural and Fresh!

Simply Natural and Fresh!

Adel’s Natural Handmade Bath Bombs infused with healing oil of oregano

(For tired, aching hands and feet soaks or rejuvenating bath)

 After a hard day’s work, your aching hands & feet deserve a healthy warm soak; that is if you do not have the time yet to immerse your tired body in a warm, rejuvenating bath.

Smile and wonder at the heart or ball-shaped hard packed healing mixture of natural ingredients combined to detoxify your body.  Relax as you watch the colorful fizzling bubbles on warm water, as you smell the natural healing aroma of herbs, essential oil and oil of oregano.

I infused each bath bomb with healing oil of oregano, dried herbs/ petals and organic Essential Oil and colored it naturally with fruits and vegetables like kale, blueberries, purple cabbage, etc.  Basic ingredients include baking soda, organic citric acid, Pink Himalayan Salt/ Epsom Salt and cornstarch.

Adel’s natural handmade bath bomb, handcrafted from a combination of natural, healing ingredients to detoxify your body, is your best choice for a healthy and rejuvenating soak!  Ask me for a free sample, email Adel at

Our Price: * Heart shaped bath bomb, 5.5 to 5.9 oz. $7.00 each; buy five or more at $6.00 each

                   **Ball-shaped bath bomb, about 4.5 oz. $6.00 each; buy five or more at $5.00 each

Our deal:  Twelve (12) pieces, mixed heart & ball-shaped Bath Bombs, at only $50.00!  Free delivery within the Sidney area. Or you can pick it up at our house at Beacon Avenue, Sidney, BC.

Please allow two (2) days for handcrafting and drying.

Each bath bomb wrapped inside a dainty organza pouch to prevent spilling of herbs or dried petals into your basin or tub. Your satisfaction guaranteed!

I will be happy to hear from you.  We can talk about consignment if you have a store.

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