Fall is here, a good time to explore science and math!

FALL  provides children many opportunities to explore math with things they understand and are interested in.  Encourage them to notice seasonal patterns by asking questions such as:

-Is it getting lighter or darker at bedtime?
-How to the plants change at this time of year?  What will happen next?
-Is it colder or warmer today?  How can you tell?

-Play with leaves:  Sort leaves by shape, size and color.  Count each group.  Compare groups of leaves.  Which has more or less or the same?
-Ask your child to find a leaf that is the same size as your hand, bigger than your hand, or smaller than your hand.
-Ask why the green leaves are changing colors to red, yellow, brown and why they are falling down.

-Use Pumpkins:  Ask which pumpkin is heaviest and which is the biggest around.
-Cut different shapes in a jack-o-lantern
-Count the seeds together

Sort Halloween treats:  Sort the ones you like and don't like.
-Put the treats into groups (e.g., shapes, sizes, chocolates or chips).
-Count them; which group has even or odd numbers.   (partner the items  into two's and if each one has a partner, the number  is even.  If an item  has no partner, the number is odd.)
-Introduce graphing

   Sorting items and grouping them into two's.  Which group has even numbers?  Which group has odd numbers?
 Graphing the things inside a child's green bag.

Which pumpkin is smaller and which is bigger?  The children compared their pumpkin by size.  Which pumpkin is heavier and which one has more seeds inside?  Each one counted the seeds of their pumpkin.

 After counting, the children decided to make pumpkin seeds soup.

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