Fire Awareness Activities


   The Colours of Fire - black, red and yellow paints.  The children pressed and mixed with their little fingers  the colored paints inside a plastic bag and illuminated it with light.  

"I see something black.  What is it?"   I asked.   "The smoke is black!"  the children answered in unison.

  Driving the fire truck 
 Painting the Fire truck

 Stop... Drop... Roll!

Looking closely and carefully at the Fire Hydrant.

 Playing Fire Fighters.  The children were seriously putting out the fire with their fire extinguishers.

The speeding Fire Truck was on the road!  All the other cars stopped to give way to the Firefighters' Fire Truck.

Car Track Art.

 One child  modified the road setting.  The speeding fire truck was still on the road.   However, all the trucks and cars were pulled on the side of the road, allowing the fire truck to speed ahead freely.

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