Licensed Daycare/Preschool business startup

Are you passionate about launching a business that can make a difference and at the same time profitable? Do you want to establish a Licensed Daycare or Preschool?  Not an Early Childhood Educator?   No Problem, hire a licensed ECE Manager.

I can guide and be with you from the initial through the challenging stages of establishing a quality, safe, healthy, and profitable licensed childcare facility.  

Also, I can write a creative and compelling curriculum for your early years play and learning programme. 

The programme is a combination of outdoor and indoor fun play which detailed how teachers can support children's STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) thinking and learning. 

The preschoolers are motivated to become STEM thinkers through a balance of structured play and freedom.  The teacher guided play in combination with pretend play and exploration play are intrinsically engaging and immerses the child at the moment.  The child is open to improvisation and imagination.  In exploration play, the children are engaged in building, tinkering, taking things aparts or creating little experiments to figure out how the physcial world exist.  Pretend play uses imaginations to make up, narrate or enact stories.  Science play, in combination with the teacher's elaborative science talk and open-ended questions, promotes critical thinking.

The programme also includes healthy eating, active physical play, literacy and mindfulness practices.
My guidance is based on a decade and seven years of fruitful experiences as a BC licensed Early Childhood/Special Needs Educator, Daycare Owner/Manager and Facilitator of StrongStart, the BC Early Learning Program.

I am also an Author of two published children books and honorably recognized twice as an Emerging Local Author by the Victoria Public Library.

It is my pleasure to work with you.  Please email Adelina at 

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