Loose Parts, a good prompt for creative writing

Loose parts are mobile materials which can be moved, carried, combined, redesigned and taken apart and put back together in multiple ways.  They are open-ended which can be natural or human processed materials.  Loose parts promote active learning and through creativity and problem solving, deepen critical thinking and imagination.

 Loose parts are good prompts for creative writing.   Let the children pick some loose parts they like, as shown below.  Let them touch, play, imagine and create something out of the loose parts.

 These guide questions may help the child create and write a story:
l.  What did you create? 
2.  How will you make it work?
3.  How useful is it?  What can it do for yourself and other people?
If the child does not want to create but like some loose parts objects, here are some questions which may prompt him or her to create and write a story:
l.  What is the name of the object?
2.  What do you think it is made of?
3.  Is it natural or human processed material?  If not, where do you think it came from?
4.  What do you think the object/s could be useful for.

Busy little hands at are our loose parts table. 

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