Would the unpeeled lemon sink or float?

It was another science magic show!

It was about unpeeled and thickly peeled lemon.  Would the unpeeled lemon sink or float?  Would the peeled lemon sink or float? 

Before placing the unpeeled lemon in the water, some of the  children shouted "float"  and some shouted "sink"

The children were delighted to see the unpeeled lemon floated in the water.

"What do you think I should do to make the lemon sink?"  Most of them answered, "Cut the lemon!"   One child responded, "Peel the lemon!"    

I peeled the lemon.

The children waited patiently.
Each one had a turn in smelling the peeled lemon.
Then I placed the peeled lemon in the water.

The lemon sank!  The children were so surprised to see the lemon sank.

Each one touched the peeled lemon.  Everyone agreed that the peel made the lemon float.  It is  the life jacket of the lemon!

"Why do you think the peeled lemon sank?"   I challenged our preschoolers.  They thought for a while, then one child answered, "the water went into the lemon, it became heavy and sank!" 

We all happily clapped our hands.

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