I Saw Death!

  I saw death.  It was neither black or white.  There were no angels or demons.  There was life and it was blissful!
  It happened when I gave birth to my first child.  I remember quite well how I labored and that in the middle of the night, my husband rushed me to the hospital.  I was bleeding profusely and was in great pain.  I was in shock while I lay down on a white sheet covered bed  surrounded by nurses and a doctor.  With eyes closed, I could hear voices and I felt the sting of needles pressing my skin. Then, it was nothingness.

I did not know how long nothingness was.  I saw myself getting up of the hospital bed with so much ease.  Then I walked passed the room, walked down the hallway, and could see people but it seemed that nobody was seeing me. I did not care, I wanted to go home.  Walking was so easy, I felt I was on top of everybody and everything else.

I was home.  I saw my husband eating and being served by his mother.  I felt I was on top of them, and could see them as well as everything below.  I heard unpleasant exchanges of words in their conversation, and it was all about me.  My mother-in-law was pointing out some perceived faults of mine while my husband was reasoning out in my favor.  

Whatever I have heard at that point in time did not mean anything to me.  I felt nothing.  There was no love or hatred. I was watching them in peace.

Then, after some time, I opened my eyes and wondered where I was.   The lady doctor gently held my hand, smiled and said, "You survived!  We are all happy for you."   The doctor and nurses were all smiling and each one gently touched my hand.

 "Your baby is well.  You will see her tomorrow, and for sure, your husband will be here too!  Sleep and have a good rest." the doctor announced smiling as she left the hospital room.

Later, I was told that I was clinically dead for a minute or so.  I passed away for some precious minutes,  however, I learned a lifetime of lessons.

I have learned that within each of us is an everlasting entity.  I called it soul and it lives on after death in a timeless space.  The soul cannot learn because it feels nothing.  It has to exist in the physical world, in a human body  to experience life, to feel affection, anger, anguish,  annoyance, anticipation, anxiety, apathy, arousal, awe, boredom, confidence, contempt, contentment, courage, curiosity, depression, desire, despair, disappointment, disgust, distrust, ecstasy, embarrassment, empathy, enthusiasm, envy, euphoria, fear frustration, gratitude, grief, guilt, happiness, hatred, hope, horror, hostility, humiliation, interest, jealousy, joy, loneliness, love, lust, outrage, panic, passion, pity, pleasure, pride, rage, regret, remorse, resentment, sadness, self-confidence, shame, shock, shyness, sorrow, suffering, surprise, trust, wonder, worry... and learn.

Here's to a lifetime of learning!   Until it is time to travel to a timeless space for a peaceful, beautiful and blissful rest.

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