Little Firefighter

Little Firefighter
by:  Adelina Gotera
An illustrated short story for kids, in honor of our brave Firefighters.

Trrring!!!! An emergency call reaches the fire station.  Little Firefighter picks up the phone.

Mrs. Yak's voice is loud and frightening. There's a fire, please help us!  We are at 225 Joyce Street."

Little Firefighter and his crew go into action.  Swish! They all slide down the pole. 

Then, they put on their special clothing to protect them in a fire.  This clothing is called the firefighter uniform.  It does not catch fire.

First, Little Firefighter slips his feet into the heavy boots.  He wiggles into the light, yet strong fire-resistant pants and jacket.  Next, he put on his hard helmet and thick gloves.  Now he is dressed and ready to go!  All the other firefighters do the same and are ready to go too.

The wheels screech as Little firefighter drives to the fire as fast as he can.  "Weyyoo...weyo...!"  The fire truck's loud siren startles everybody along the way.  Vroom!  The firefighters zoom along the streets and drive past the stop signs and red lights.  Soon, the red fire truck outruns all the cars, the bus, the motorcycles, and the other trucks on the road!
The red fire truck stops at 225 Joyce Street.  A building is burning!  The fire lights up the night sky.  Achoo!  The ashes make the firefighters sneeze.  Quickly, Little Firefighter and his crew wear air tanks and masks to help them breathe.  They need to get air without breathing in the smoke.  The smoke may choke them.

Little Firefighter and his crew unload and connect the hoses.  Quickly, they search for fire hydrants where they can access the water and hook up the hoses.

Little Firefighter's fire truck has a pumper which pushes a huge amount of water through the hoses to put out a fire.  Swoosh!  Little Firefighter and his crew spray the fire with water from their long hoses.

"HELP!"  screams an elderly woman from the fourth floor balcony of the building.

"Whoa, it's high up here,"  thinks Little Firefighter as he climbs up the ladder.  With determination, he gets to the top and helps the elderly woman down the ladder to ground level. 
 "I can't believe I'm alive... Little Firefighter, I owe you my life!" Granny Luisa exclaims. 
"Ouch, my arms are bleeding."
A doctor at the site examines the elderly woman.  Unfortunately, her skin is badly burnt.  The ambulance whizzes her away to the nearest hospital.

Little Firefighter's work is not yet done.  Behind a stone wall, scared voices yell for help.  There is no way to get in.
Pow!  Little Firefighter and his crew swing sharp axes to crack down the wall.  One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten blows.  The wall bursts open.

A mother and her two little girls jump for joy, happy to be found.  Little Firefighter carries each one across the wall opening to a safe place.
"Thank you Little Firefighter.  Spiderman isn't my favorite hero anymore.  From now on, my favorite here is you!" announces one of the little girls.

"I'm just doing my job," murmurs Little Firefighter while blushing.
The children's jaw drops,  "It's your job to be a hero?"

"Awww, I'm just doing what I love to do.  I love rescuing as many people as I can.  I love protecting people's homes or work place.  I love helping out in emergencies.  My most favorite part is when I..."  A frightened sob interrupted Little Firefighter. 
An old man named Grandpa Tom comes crying and pleads, "Please rescue my little dog, Sarah.  She is still trapped in the apartment on the ground floor."
Little Firefighter puts on his mask and bravely enters the apartment once again.  "Rrrrooof! Rrrooooof!"  Little Firefighter hears a loud bark.  Listening carefully, he follows the barking sound and discovers Sarah hiding under a chair.  He picks her up and runs swiftly out of the blazing building.  Little Firefighter brings the scared puppy to Grandpa Tom.
"Without Sarah, I will be so lonely.  Thank you for making me happy again by saving my precious Sarah,"  Grandpa Tom said happily.
Suddenly, Sarah jumps into Little Firefighter's lap and starts licking him.  Sarah is thankful too.

 Finally, the fire is out.  Everybody applauds Little Firefighter and his crew.  "Hip, hip, hooray!" cheers all the grandfathers, all the grandmothers, all the mothers, all the fathers, all the boys, all the girls.... and all the pets, too!

Before Little Firefighter falls asleep, he thinks about Granny Luisa, the two kids,  and their mom.  He thinks about Sarah, the dog and Grandpa Tom.  He smiles happily.  He has the best job in the whole wide world.

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