Doctor Vet

A short story for kids about sick animals and how veterinarians take good care of them.
by:  Adelina Gotera

Doctor Vet worked in a clinic.  He wanted a healthy pet to stay healthy and a sick pet to be healthy again

Some animals had heart problems.
Ten-year-old dog, Brownie had difficulties with breathing. “huff huff huff…” panted Brownie helplessly.
 Little Vet listened to Brownie’s heart with his stethoscope.   He prescribed medicine and requested another meeting with Brownie after a week for a check-up. 

 “Cheer up Brownie, you will be okay.”
 “Bow-wow-wow,” barked Brownie happily.

Some animals were injured in accidents. 

   A little girl came to the Vet Clinic, with her mom and Sheila, the kitten.

 “Sheila was injured when a car hit her. She has a broken leg,” cried five-year-old Beatrice.

Doctor Vet placed a protective cast on Sheila’s broken leg.  He explained that it would prevent Sheila from using her injured leg for some time so that it will be healed.  “Meow, meow, ..” purred Sheila

Some animals suffered from poisoning.

  Miss Lucy took a sick duck to the Vet clinic. Geisha looked very ill. Her head was low and droopy and held right back on the body instead of being upright.

 “Geisha had drunk poisonous water while swimming on the pond!”  Miss Lucy explained in tears.
Suddenly, Geisha vomited, “Barf!”
“Oh, I am so sorry …”
 “That’s okay; I need to examine the vomit," Doctor Vet said smiling.

Doctor Vet extracted a blood sample from duck Geisha and took it to a special machine that could detect if there was poison in the body. A tube connected into another special machine was inserted into Geisha’s throat and washed out the poison inside the body.  After four hours in the recovery room, Geisha was healthy again.  Her head was held upright.  Geisha said a joyful “Quack, quack, quack!”

Some animals suffered from toothaches.
Mr. Perry took Mickey Rabbit to the Vet Clinic.
“Oh, my Mickey Rabbit has a toothache. He did not sleep all night,” said Mr. Perry sadly.

Doctor Vet checked Mickey Rabbit’s teeth.  He removed the tartar by scaling them.  Then he cleaned and polished the teeth.  

 Mickey Rabbit smiled and proudly showed his clean and smooth teeth.  Doctor Vet gave him a fresh carrot for behaving well.

The day was over.   Before sleeping, Doctor Vet thought of dog Brownie, kitten Sheila, duck Geisha, Mickey Rabbit and all the pets he helped to be healthy and happy again. 

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