Summer play

The summer morning walk was always a happy time for our preschoolers.   Walking in the sun and watching the beautiful outdoor was  a fun learning time. 

Our preschoolers loved to watch the traffic lights, the cars, the trucks,  the warm smiles and greetings of friendly people we met along the way.   There were beautiful colorful flowers in trees and bushes, and at times, there were  birds flying in flocks.  

Today, our preschoolers dropped their jaws when they saw a bigger crow in the middle of two tiny crows.  They were flying a  little slower.  We thought the baby crows were being trained how to fly by their mother or father crow.

Play in the park was a joyful way to discover the fun and wonder of active physical activities.  

One child got active playing with  the wood blocks.

Another child joined the wood blocks game.

Climbing the rocks and walking on them was a fun game for a group of preschoolers.

Each child  tried to show strength by pushing the wood blocks.

The strong little people needed some rest and water.   They ate one banana each.

Back to active play again!

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