Vital traits to teach our children to be successful in life!

 Parents and teachers can inspire their children to become great leaders through teaching and role modelling these eight vital traits:

    Resilience: Allow kids to express emotions and don’t minimize their feelings.

    Innovation and creativity: Let them play — it’s when kids play that they engage all of their creative energies.

    Industriousness: Build independence by giving kids chores to do and responsibility for getting things done. Lead by example and reduce your own time-wasting habits.

    Curiosity: Encourage your kids to start new hobbies and pursue their interests — no matter how esoteric. Try having tech-free outings with your kids to museums and activity centers.

    Self-confidence: Encourage their opinions and give them opportunities to make decisions. Even if it isn’t what you’d do, let them make choices and learn from experience.

    Empathy: Respect your children’s individuality and their opinions, encouraging them to be open with their emotions.

    Optimism: Share positive stories and inspirational talks with your kids to cultivate gratitude and encourage positive thinking.

    Giving back: Encourage kids to help out around the neighborhood.

 Reference:    Pumpic, creator of a parental tracking application for smartphones.

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