The Sandbox, an engineering concept in a play, an excerpt from "I Will Play With You"

Four and five year old Alex, Jason and Memphis pretended to be engineers and cooperatively built roads and bridges in the sandbox.  Using toy trucks, shovels, small wooden boards and a pail of water, the young boys cooperatively built a road and designed a bridge creatively using the wooden boards.  As the wet sand turned into mud, the children built support for the bridge.  Alex "drove" the truck up on the bridge but on the way down, the truck fell down the muddy road.  Jason suggsted making the bridge wider so that the trucks would not fall down.  Memphis agreed.  The boys cooperatively made a wider bridge by putting some more boards and some more wet sand as support for the bridge.  They also decided to make the road wider and smoother so that the truck would go down the road easily  The three engineers turned truckers enjoyed a rugged ride with their trucks.

It was truly amazing to observe how preschoolers applied the engineering concept in a play.  They creatively showed how to design and build bridges and roads and solve challenges.  The children also learned that tools help people do things better and more easily or do work that could not be done at all.

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