Science Play, an excerpt from " I Will Play With You"

Witnessing an erupting pretend volcano is always a jaw dropping experience for most preschoolers.  This fun science play can be done outdoor or indoor.

Showing pictures of volcanoes and explaning a bit about the hot lava coming out of an erupting volcano, I asked the children to help make a pretend volcano.  Using a large metal pan, our preschoolers' little hands filled it with sand and shaped it into a volcano mountain.  We placed a small jar containing about l/4 cup baking soda in the center, then I pressed some wet sand around the jar to conceal it.  To make the "volcano" erupt, I made an activation solution by mixing
 l cup water, 3/4 cup vinegar, l/2 cup dish washing liquid, l0 drops of red food coloring and l0 drops of yellow food coloring.

After we built the "volcano" with the small jar of baking soda in the center, I announced in a loud voice "the volcano will be erupting!"  Then I poured the activation solution  into the partly hidden small jar in the center of the "volcano".  When the solution was added to the baking soda, flowing "lava" appeared to the excitement of our preschoolers. Later on, our preschoolers took turns pouring and adding a bit of the solution to the hidden jar which triggered further eruptions. Each one was shouting Kaboom!  Kaboom!  Kaboom!

It was an exciting fun play for the kids as they learned about the chemical reactions when acid (vinegar) is mixed with alkaline substance (baking soda).

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