Playing "Chefs", an excerpt from "I Will Play With You"

The kitchen is also a fun place to learn science and mathematics.  Children learn the meaning of numbers when they weigh, count, measure, mix, rip or chop the ingredients.  They begin to understand for example, that two half cups of rice or flour make a whole cup.  They learn to follow a procedure and carry out an activity in an orderly manner.

We started by washing our hands with soap and water.  Wearing our kitchen aprons, the fun started.  Our recipe for the day was Banana Bread.  With a little help, the children made ready and measured out the ingredients:  3 ripe bananas, l cup sugar, l cup oil, l egg, l &1/2 cups flour, l teaspoon baking soda, l teaspoon salt and l teaspoon vanilla.  While the oven was being preheated to 350 degree F. or l80 degree C., the children mashed the bananas, using their little hands.  We greased a loaf pan and put flour  over the grease.  With a fork, the children took turns mixing the sugar and oil.  They mixed the egg, then added the flour, baking soda, salt and vanilla.  Lastly, they added the mashed bananas to the mixture.  We placed the mixture into the loaf pan and baked it for one hour.

We had a hearty snack!  The children were all proud of the delicious banana bread that they themselves baked.  Each one had a slice of banana bread with cream cheese or strawberry jam on top.

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