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  Adelina Gotera is a  BC licensed Early Childhood and Special Needs Educator. She is formerly, professor, College of Business Administration, University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines.

" I admit that when I got married, gave birth to two girls, and started a career as a mentor in a conservative university in Manila, I had no concrete ideas about "play" and its benefits.  It was, I suppose, just the "playful child" in me that led me to play dressing up or pretend cooking with my two young daughters, or joked and goofed around with them when we were together. During these games, we shared lots of laughter until it hurt.  Then as my two young daughters grew into adulthood, as life went by with joy or at times with sadness and sorrow, we still played with each other.  It did not only strengthen the bonding among us but also served as a therapeutic mechanism that solved problems and made us look forward to each day with love and optimism."

For a child, play is joy and pleasure. It is life, exploration, and learning experience vital to his or her growth and healthy development.

 I Will Play With You narrates Adelina's play episodes with preschool children and how she uses play as a fun way for preschoolers to learn language, science, mathematics, arts and social skills.

 Play is also used as a strategy to bond with children and for them to adapt positive behaviour. A sad or traumatic past experience usually gives stress and negative emotion to the child which can result in misbehaviour. Through fun play with an understanding and creative adult, the child is provided with an outlet for expression and release of negative emotions.

 Play can facilitate understanding between an adult and a child, resulting in a child's adaptive and positive behaviour. This book demonstrates how play can be used as a gentle form of discipline and guidance.
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