Adel's Play and Discovery House

Adel's Play N Discovery House is a Sidney, B.C. licensed child care centre for 3-5 years old. 
It is where fun play becomes a medium of discovery and learning!

Adel's Play N Discovery House is a licensed group (2.5 to 3 year old) child care facility which has the unique functions of both a play-based preschool and a warm, loving home. 

Our daily activities include fun play in creative arts & crafts, painting, expressive language, science play, creative counting, alphabet recognition and learning fine motor skills like cutting, knitting, handwriting and drawing shapes. To promote physical activeness or use of large muscles, our outdoor play include sand and water play, cooperative games, kite flying, nature walk, and field trips to places of great interest to our children, like farms, aquariums, museums, parks, grocery stores, firefighter stations and others.

We promote creative thinking through the use of open ended materials and tools, like play dough, blocks, pieces of woods, sticks, twigs, marbles, stones and other interesting items which provoke questions, creative manipulations of the items, and exchanges of ideas among our children.

Believing that high quality early childhood learning program should be affordable to most parents, we offer the lowest at the ranges of fees for licensed group childcare facilities in the Peninsula. 

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